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Channel-It & Channel-X: Side Channel Outdoor Blinds

Side Channel Outdoor Blinds: Protection, Privacy and Complete Comfort

Channel-It Blinds

Our Channel-It side-channel outdoor blinds are the perfect solution for those who want complete privacy, without sacrificing style. Compatible with a multitude of fabrics, Channel-It blinds can act as a complete blackout solution, as a windbreak that lets the sun in, or even as diffuse sunlight so that only softer light passes through.

Able to withstand all weather, our system will help in insulating your home from weather extremes, by keeping out the rain, keeping the wind away and reducing the glare of a hot day. You can enclose a patio or pergola and keep the weather out, but still have the flexibility to open it up as required.

Of course, thanks to its no-gap system, Channel-It outdoor blinds provide a complete visual seal. No one can sneak a peek around the side of the blind like traditional blinds.

Channel-It Side Channel Outdoor Blinds

Channel-X Blinds

After repeated client requests, ICL developed the Channel-X blind system, which can be securely locked at the bottom, acting as a wall to enclose outdoor areas that can be easily removed when needed.

Designed with indented flutes for extra strength, this side-channel outdoor blind system is often used to "create another room" from patios or verandas, with the flexibility of opening that room into a greater outdoor area when needed. You can expect savings on air conditioning and heating costs, and being able to spend time outdoors at night time with lights on without being flocked by insects.

Of course, Channel-X blinds leave no gaps for peeping toms, and with the Channel-X gear box system, lockable bar and removable handle, you can safely leave animals, kids and valuables inside.

Channel-X blinds
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