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Dtrack System for Retractable Outdoor Blinds

Take the Indoors Outside With Retractable Outdoor Blinds

Tired of staying cooped up inside to hide from the harsh Aussie sun? Retractable outdoor blinds can help you reclaim the outdoors by providing protection from the elements without sacrificing your views from the inside. 

Unfortunately, most commercial blinds use rough fabrics and industrial framing systems with exposed bearings and hard angles, which clash with the aesthetics of most homes — ICL offers a better solution. We are pleased to present our new Dtrack side retention blind system.

The Dtrack system incorporates all the features expected in a retractable outdoor blind, without compromising looks. Our years of industry experience, combined with knowledge gained in research and development of side retention blind systems have allowed us to create a stylish, easy-to-install product. 

Gone are the angles and edges, replaced with Dtrack soft framing curves. Now the slim-line bottom bar and side channels have a smoother, rounder, more pleasing look. 

Smooth, Rounded Profile

The specially designed side channel is the main feature that sets this Dtrack system apart from the rest. Its smooth rounded profile is designed to enhance and frame the fabric while minimising visible zips or Kadar spline edges. The side channel and the wall mount combination give you the ability to adjust the Dtrack for optimum ease of operation.

Dtrack wall mount

Easy to Install

The Dtrack wall mount makes installing retractable outdoor blinds a breeze. It has been specifically designed to assist with ease of installation and can be pre-drilled before going onsite by making use of the centre scoreline. Each length has been manufactured with a step height to allow for installation on round posts.

Dtrack insert

Your choice of fabric will vary depending on your desired amount of protection, as well as your preference for colour and texture. We offer proofed outdoor canvas, shade mesh and shade cloth.

If you're unsure which one would suit you best, reach out and one of our experts will happily guide you. 

They are! Our wall mounts are available in pre-powder coated satin black, custom cream and paperback in 3 metre lengths, as well as mill finished in 2.5 and 6 metre lengths.

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