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Wholesale Proofed Outdoor Canvas

Outdoor Canvas for Every Occasion

Are you tired of staring at your garden walls? Looking for a way to spice up your outdoor areas? Outdoor canvas can keep away the sun and rain while adding vibrancy and colour to your home. 

At ICL SA, we offer Australian made, waterproof or “proofed” canvas fabric. Used for tents, annexes, camper trailers, trailer covers, ute canopies, swags, bags, tool bags, travel packs, BBQ covers or anywhere that requires protection from the elements using a flexible, durable cover that compliments the location. Browse through our massive collection of different fabrics, we've got one for every use case.

Billabong Fabrics

One of our most popular fabrics, Billabong is a great choice for mid-range applications such as walls for annexes and tents.

Billabong Fabrics

Coolabah Fabrics

Coolabah is the perfect canvas fabric for smaller projects such as bags, screens and lightweight covers.

Coolabah Fabrics

DX-12 Fabrics

DX-12 fabrics are a general purpose product used in camping swags, annexes & camper trailer roofs, truck covers and more.

DX-12 Fabrics

Yes! Although not normally stocked, we can also provide you with the following fabrics upon request: 


CS88 is 100% corespun fabric that stands out for its light weight, high strength and high abrasion resistance. Due to its tough nature, it's one of the best canvas for tents. CS88 is only available in Olive or Aus Cam colours. 

Polyrug Tear Stop

According to the hydrostatic head and cone test, this is a completely waterproof canvas. However, being a 100% polyester fabric, we suggest that this fabric is only to be used as a showerproof summer sheet for horse rugs. The base fabric is woven with either blue or white checks.


Rawhide is a strong, heavy-duty canvas made with a blend of polyester and cotton that incorporates an attractive blue-dyed yarn, and is over checked to enhance the Tearstop construction. The material is specifically designed for horse rugs.

Trojan 18

Trojan 18 is simply the heaviest and toughest of all wide width horse rug fabrics. Its blend of polyester and cotton canvas, woven with black dyed warp and weft yarns make it tear-resistant and extremely durable. 

Although our canvas fabric is extremely resistant to the harsh Aussie sun, all outdoor fabrics will experience degradation over time. Fortunately, fading colours do not indicate a loss in the overall strength of the canvas. If persistent colours are a priority for you, please get in touch with our experts for more guidance.

Find Outdoor Canvas for Your Home Today

Here at ICL SA, we carry several different fabrics to help you extend your outdoor areas, protect furniture and appliances from the elements, or even for you to try your hand at a DIY project.

Whether you're extending your patio, making a handbag, or covering up a tent to keep dry while camping, our experts are always available to help you find the best canvas fabrics to suit your needs. Reach out today to find the best solution for your requirements.

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