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Shade Cloth in Rolls and Cut Length for Every Purpose

Wholesale Shade Cloth Rolls, Material & Accessories

POLYFX® Shade Sails

Poly FX is a lightweight, knitted shade cloth that provides the perfect option for residential settings like backyard swimming pools and barbeque areas where protection against the heat and sun is paramount. Weight: 230 gsm Dimensions: 3.8 m x 30 m

Shaded Balcony

Sun & Weather Protection

Our shades are made with the highest quality cloth to provide protection from wind, rain, and hail.

We treat our shade cloth fabric with BASF UV stabilizers to provide top-of-the-line UV protection and offer a 10-year warranty on UV breakdown.

Shaded Outdoor Playground


COMSHADE® fabrics offer an excellent weight to strength ratio and allow for high tensile loadings, making them ideal for medium domestic and commercial projects.

The fabric is heat set, making it stay flat instead of curling when cut or sewn.

COMSHADE® has less shrinkage and is more stable than other shade cloths, while maintaining high strength and over 90% UV protection. It is made from virgin resins and the best UV stabilizers, which are lead and heavy metal free, and is supported by a 10 Year UV warranty.

Sun Protected Restaurant

Monofilament Shade Cloth

Monofilament shade cloth is a high-quality knitted shade cloth manufactured using only virgin resins and the best UV stabilizers from Ciba Speciality Products.

We offer shade cloth rolls in a range of colours, sizes, shades & U.V. constructions. They can be used as horticultural shade cloth for plants, as scaffold cover or site screening, windbreak protection, and car protection.

Monofilament Shade Cloth Samples
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