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Shade Mesh Wholesale & Cut Length for Every Purpose

Cut-Length & Wholesale Outdoor Shade Mesh Fabric

See-Through Construction

Shade mesh blinds make it possible to enjoy maximum sun protection without ruining visibility. Their special construction allows users to see through the shaded side to the outside while blocking the sun from coming in.

Shade Mesh

96% Windblock

Blocking wind is one of the most important features of mesh fabric. What makes our shade fabric even more special is that it partially blocks the wind while still allowing enough air to flow through to keep things nice and fresh.

This way you can enjoy the benefits of wind protection without completely restricting airflow or cross ventilation.

Shade Mesh in Garden

Water Resistant

Mesh fabric protects you from the rain without absorbing any moisture, and without making the enclosure uncomfortably humid. Enjoy the outdoors to its fullest, without letting rain ruin your fun.

Shaded Blinds
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