Full Roll & Cut Length Distributors of

  • Canvas for awnings, tents, covers, bags, tarps, rugs etc
  • PVC for tarps, canopies, liners, shadesails, trucks, boats etc
  • Shade cloth and mesh for patios, playgrounds, furniture etc
  • Componentry for awnings, internal blinds, drop verandah blinds, shade sails
  • Polyethelyne (polytarp) for budget & emergency covers, bags, shutes, salvage sheets etc












SIDE RETENTION blind systems have been available for a number of years.


Most, when combined with the appropriate fabric, allow you to take the “indoors outside”, increasing living and entertaining areas by providing year round protection from the elements and  options for quick easy operation.


What they all have in common is the hard industrial look and feel. Until now!




ICL are pleased to announce the release of their new Dtrack side retention blind system.


The Dtrack incorporates all the features expected in a side retention system, however using our years of industry experience, combined with knowledge gained in research and development in the side retention blind system ICL have made it even better.


Q: How?

A: Gone are the angles and edges, replaced with Dtrack soft framing curves. Now the slim-line bottom bar and side channels have a smoother, rounder, more pleasing look about them.


Q: Why?

A: The customer is more discerning, looking at the overall aesthetics, with greater expectations of what they want. Dtrack fulfils this need.


Dtrack Wall Mount

The well mount has been specifically designed to assist with ease of installation.


It can be pre-drilled before going onsite by making use of the centre score line.


Each length has been manufactured with a step height to allow for installation on round posts.


Available in pre-powder coated SATIN BLACK, CUSTOM CREAM and PAPERBARK in 3.0 meter lengths reducing production costs and loss of time. Also Mill finish in 2.5 meter and 6.0 meter lengths.


Dtrack Side Channel

The specially designed side channel is the main feature that sets this Dtrack system apart from the rest.


It’s smooth rounded profile is designed to enhance and frame the fabric while minimizing visible zips or Kadar spline edges.


The side channel and the wall mount combination give you the ability to adjust the Dtrack for optimum ease of operation.




Dtrack Side Channel

Track Insert

When you want the blind to look the part, CHANNEL-IT is the choice to make.


CHANNEL-IT ensures your privacy, no one can look around the edge of the blind, when the blind is down it adds to the security of your home.


CHANNEL-IT will help in insulating the home from weather extremes, by keeping out the rain, keeping the wind away and reducing the glare of a hot day.


CHANNEL-IT controls the light getting into your room. Beside any translucency of the fabric, light does not flood in on the sides as in standard blinds.


Enclose a patio or pergola and keep the weather out, but still have the flexibility to open it up as required.

Stop the sunlight streaming in on the sides, particularly on a bay window.


Ensure your privacy, no one can sneak a peak around the side of the blind.


Keep the heat completely away from the window (depends on your choice of fabric)


No protrusions to hit or bump when used in narrow access areas.

Simple, easy operation, low maintenance.


During installation CHANNEL-IT blinds can be configured for:


  • Spring, Gearbox or Electric Motor drive
  • Stopping in multiple positions
  • Fitting flush to the floor (if the floor is level and flat)
  • Rolled up fabric enclosures

As part of our ongoing development and in answer to request from clients the CHANNEL X™ side channel awning system was developed. With a narrower profile and strengthening flutes it is ideally suited to the average pergola/patio opening of 3.0mt wide x 2.4mt drop.


Offering savings of up to 25% over Channel-It™ the CHANNEL X™ Side Channel awning system can be configured to suit most budgets adding both value to the property and functionality to outdoor entertainment areas.


The side channel is designed with indented flutes for extra strength as well as making it user friendly on round posts. It now blends in with the current style veranda posts that are lined and fluted. The profile also allows it to be used as a stand alone OR removable post.


Uniquely ddesigned with ‘T’ slots to allow two rubber seals (or felt strip) to slide in, the bottom bar offers a softer touch between the ground and the bar and also helps keep out the elements. A standard 9mm opening at the top of the bar suits 6mm Rope, Keder or Hard Spline, making production faster and more cost effective. There is also ample blank space in the profile, allowing extra weight to be added in the case of motorization of the blind.




AWNING CANVAS - A general description for striped and plain canvas's that are used on windows. Some of these products can also be used on shade sails, outdoor furniture, beach shades & general covers


Somerton Canvas is the ultimate selection when nothing but total sun blockout will do, Somerton offers sun protection fabrics for fixed arm exterior blinds and awnings that provide the perfect defence against the harsh elements of a sunburnt country.


The canvas is woven and finished in Australia by Defab for Australian conditions, provides 100% blockout of the suns harmful UV rays and is environmentally friendly.


Somerton is also guaranteed for 5 years and is the best choice for domestic or commercial awning where heat resistance is the main objective.



HunterDouglas is accredited as a Quality Endorsed Company under the international standard ISO9002.  The canvas is covered by a 5 Year Warranty and is Australian made, for Australian conditions, to maximise resistance to tearing, abrasion and fading.


Awnings made from HunterDouglas poly/cotton awning canvas are water resistant, have mould and mildew treatment that will resist most known mould and fungus types and they will keep your room cool by stopping the suns UV rays before they can enter your home.






Rapidly becoming the first choice in outdoor fabrics because of its versatility, good looks and functionality.


Shade Mesh is more dimensionally stable than Shade Cloth, it filters out the sun’s heat while allowing you to still see out. Constructed from tough polyester yarn coated in PVC it is easy to keep clean and having been tested in the market place for over 20 years.




VISION MESH is a PVC coated polyester mesh designed for outdoor applications. It's construction consists of a 2x2 weave pattern with a square hole configuration for greater versatility.


It's high UV, shade, wind and rain block characteristics make it the ideal outdoor fabric for all weather applications


Fire rated and abrasion resistant, VISION MESH offers great shading solutions without restricting airflow or cross ventilation and comes with a 5 year performance warranty.


VISION MESH is a lead free product which helps to safeguard your health and is suitable for patio, pergola, carport, verandah and household blinds and screens.



  • High tenacity woven UV resistant polyester mesh
  • Self extinguishing
  • Lead free -environment friendly
  • Easy to clean, protect & maintain
  • 5 year guarantee
  • Weave construction - 2x2 yarn, square hole pattern for greater vision & versatility





Vision Mesh colour samples

monofilament  applications

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POLYFX® shadesails are ideal to protect people from the sun around leisure areas and swimming pools.


POLYFX® can be used around beach entertainment and barbecue facilities, outdoor leisure and picnic areas. Other applications include playgrounds, preschools, secondary schools, camping grounds, hotels, motels and holiday resorts.


POLYFX® provides maximum people protection against the sun’s heat and strong Ultra Violet (UV) rays and utilizes the best UV stabilizers from BASF. It also provides good protection against wind, rain and hail. and comes with a ten year warranty against UV break down. 3.8mt wide available in full rolls and cut to length.



COMSHADE® offers excellent weight to strength ratio and is ideal for medium domestic and commercial projects.


Supported by engineering certification, COMSHADE® allows for high tensile loadings. The fabric is heat set, making it easy to use as it lays flat, not curling or rolling up when marked out, cut or sewn, and saving you time and costs.


COMSHADE® has less shrinkage and is more stable than other shade cloths, while maintaining high strength and over 90% UV protection. It is made from virgin resins and the best UV stabilizers which are lead and heavy metal free and is supported by a 10 Year UV warranty. 3.8mt wide available in full rolls and cut to length.


Monofilament shade cloth protects against UV exposure, heat, wind, rain and hail.


Monofilament shade cloth can be used for plant protection, as scaffold cover or site screening, wind break protection and car protection.


Monofilament shade cloth is a high quality knitted shade cloth manufactured using only virgin resins and the best UV stabilisers from Ciba Speciality Products that are available.


Monofilament shade cloth comes in a range of colours, sizes, shades & U.V. constructions.


Note: not all of the product range is available as Cut To Length.

Canvas has become a generic term for an industrial fabric and covers many product areas.


Canvas can be in a raw form, untreated and uncoated and is call LOOMSTATE CANVAS. It can be used in bags, as art canvas, market umbrella covers, cushion cover to name just a few.


We then have PROOF CANVAS. This is the treated and coated canvas that is waterproof, stain and mildew resistant. It comes in different “weights” and is used in swags, tents, bags, trailer covers, truck canopies, ground sheets, tool wraps and dog beds.


Associated to Proof Canvas is CAMPING CANVAS which is used in caravan annexes, tents, swags etc. the large portion of this camping canvas range is striped on one side but there are also plain colours available.


HORSE RUG CANVAS is a more specialised area and includes both LOOMSTATE CANVAS for summer rugs and PROOF CANVAS for winter and wet conditions. We generally only sell this class of canvas by the roll.


Today’s canvas is generally made from a polyester/cotton mix to keep the weight down, while maintaining optimum strength and durability.


In the LOOMSTATE RANGE we have 100% cotton canvas available, but not all weights are available as cut to length.












DR6 100% Cotton 189cm wide 195g/sqm

DR8 100% Cotton 189cm wide 270g/sqm

AC10 100% Cotton 190cm wide 340g/sqm

ART12 100% Cotton 190cm wide 390g/sqm

CD15 100% Cotton 198cm wide 500g/sqm

DX12 52/48 Poly/Cot 210cm wide 395g/sqm


LOOMSTATE canvas, particularly 100% cotton, will not be pure white, by nature of the yarn used, it is more an off white or cream.


Available by special order in full rolls is scoured or bleached canvas, minimum quantities will apply.



Double-Primed Artist Canvas is coated with an acrylic base formulation to ensure maximum protection against any traces of harmful impurities that may develop over the years as a result of ageing.


To achieve this, a neutralizing agent is included to absorb any traces of acidic compounds.


The whiteness of the canvas is enhanced by the use of Titanium Dioxide pigment of the highest purity.


The material analysis of this pigment serves as a guarantee that it is free of any by-products that could affect the long-term durability of the cotton base.


DR6 100% Cotton 186cm wide 300g/sqm

DR8 100% Cotton 186cm wide 350g/sqm

AC10 100% Cotton 188cm wide 425g/sqm

ART12 100% Cotton 188cm wide 480g/sqm

CD15 100% Cotton 192cm wide 600g/sqm

DX12 52/48 Poly/Cot 204cm wide 495g/sqm





COOLABAH: Is a superfine polyester / cotton “Japara” quality tenting fabric. It has been especially designed and developed for the continental and family-style frame Tent, for both roofs and walls. Coolabah is also recommended as a high quality walling for campervans where a large amount of fabric can be folded into a tight compact area.

Colours: Antelope, Beige, Brunswick, Blue, Grey, Light Grey, Light Sand, Olive


BILLABONG: Is the highest quality, light-medium weight, blended polyester / cotton canvas tent fabric available. Billabong is a very tightly constructed fabric as it is woven from fine yarn counts. Billabong is designed specifically for higher quality family frame tents and campervan roofing and walling.

Colours: Antelope, Beige, Brunswick, Blue, Grey, Light Grey, Light Sand, Olive, Jade, Maroon, Khaki, Navy


DX12: Is a medium weight, general-purpose blended polyester / cotton canvas which is especially suitable for a wide range of applications. These include: swags, marquee and tepee roofs and walls, temporary shelters, under tarpaulins, box-trailer covers and heavy-duty campervan roofs and walls. DX12 is also perfect for annexe roofs in semi-permanent situations, as well as high quality family marquee roofs and walls.

Colours: Antelope, Beige, Black, Blue, Brunswick Green, Green, Dark Green, Grey, Lt. Grey, Maroon, Khaki, Navy, Lt. Sand, Olive, Olive F/R, Aus Cam D.P.


BULLDUCK T.T.: Has a Tearstop construction with Terylene/Cotton corespun threads woven throughout the fabric. These threads are woven in both the warp and weft directions to reinforce the tear and tensile qualities of this very strong canvas. The fabric is designed specifically for very large semi-trailer truck tarpaulins where extra strength is required.

Colours: Antelope, Blue, Green, Grey, Olive, Red



CS12 T/S is 100% Corespun. This ensures that the fabric is suitable for any situation where great strength is required. The fabric is designed specifically for larger type tarpaulins.

Colours: Antelope, Black, Green, Blue, Grey, Olive, Red


CANNONBALL: Is a medium duty, general purpose budget priced Cotton Canvas recommended for static situations including, Swags, Marquees, Teepee roofs and walls, Temporary Shelters, secondary Under-tarps, Flat Sheet Box-Trailer Covers. Cannonball is not recommended for shaped or fitted covers unless careful consideration is given to the shrinkage factor associated with a 100% Cotton Duck.

Colours: Antelope, AusCam D.P., Dark Green, Olive


CD15: Is a 100% Cotton Canvas which is suitable for similar applications to Cannonball. These include: Swags, Marquees, Tent Roofs and Walls, Temporary Shelters, Under –tarps, Box–Trailer Covers and Non-Permanent Annexes and Walls. CD15 is designed to provide manufacturers with an alternative to Cannonball, where extra weight and strength is required.




Finished Weight: 370g/sqm

Finished Width: 222cm

Composition: 100% Polyester

Roll Size: 50m (approx)

Tear Resistance:

Wing Rip - (as 2001.2.10) Warp - 72n

Weft - 66n

Breaking Force:

Strip Tensile - (as 2001.2.3) Warp - 2810n/50mm

Weft - 2023n/50mm

Shrinkage: Warp - 0%

Weft - 2%




View colour range




The Hydrostatic Head and Cone Test would indicate that the fabric is perfectly waterproof. However, being a 100% polyester fabric, we suggest that this fabric is only to be used as a shower proof summer sheet for horse rugs. The base fabric is woven with either blue or white (self colour) checks.



Rawhide is a strong, tough, general-purpose blended polyester / cotton canvas incorporating an attractive blue-dyed yarn overchecked to enhance the Tearstop construction. The material is specifically designed for horse rugs.



Trojan 18 is simply the heaviest and toughest of all wide width horse rug fabrics. Trojan 18 is a tearstop construction blended polyester / cotton woven with black dyed warp and weft yarns.





Tarpee® Polyfabric is a premium quality woven PE sheeting offering superior tensile strength and tear strength as well as high abrasion resistance.


Applications include grain, shelter and structure covers, dam liners, poultry curtains, tent flooring, bags, static covers, ad cotton module covers.


Tarpee® Polyfabric is proudly sourced from HVG's long term partner - Hagihara Industries, Japan.


Available in 205cm & 366cm widths with both 50mt & Jumbo rolls available.


Used & developed in Australia for over 35 years offering outstanding quality.







Universal Bracket

VSP Drive End

Idler with Hole

HD Rual Idler






AC265 M


Pivot Pin & Plate

Gearbox Bracket 80mm





Supply either full rolls of fabric or cut a measured length from the roll. Fabric range includes:


  • PVC in 460gsm, 520gsm, 600gsm, 650gsm reinforced, 900gsm tautliner. 2.0mt, 2.5mt and 3mt wide fabrics.
  • Proofed canvas in 6oz, 8oz, 12oz, 12oz reinforced, 18oz, coated and waterproof.
  • Awning canvas in stripes and plains, UV block out and 5yr warranty
  • Clear PVC for café and pergola blinds in .5mm .75mm and 1.0mm
  • Awning Shade Mesh in stripes and plains. 220cm, 243cm and 300cm wide fabrics.
  • Shade Cloth in a variety of colours, shade factors and widths. All of commercial quality and guaranteed
  • Loomstate & artist canvas. Different weights in poly/cotton and 100% cotton.


The components that you require to make up a blind or shade cover including:


  • Keyway tube in 50mm, 60mm, 63mm, 70mm and 78mm diameter.
  • Mounting brackets, Auto guides, Auto arms, springs, crank gearboxes, crank handles, pull down rings, hooding, hood ends, idlers ends, drive ends, 5 sided bottom rail, breeching staples, cleats, single & double pulleys, self feeding safety strap plates, saddles and snap hooks.


Associated sundry lines are also available, some in broken packs some in full packs only:


  • Eyelets & washers, seatbelt webbing, polyprop & silver rope, YKK zipping, zip slides, Barbours thread, polyprop webbing, double sided tape, Stay-Put fasteners, woven binding, hook & loop tape in both sew-on and adhesive styles, sash cord, shock cord, tonneau loops.


Customer Service





Customer Service




Craig Cain

Sales Manager





ICL (SA) Pty Ltd t/a INDEPENDENT CUT LENGTH started trading in February 1995 as a two person team, with the vision of always providing Quality, Service, Satisfaction to its customers. Based in South Australia and working with clients right around Australia and New Zealand, we specialize in the supply of Canvas, PVC, Marine, Auto and Shade Fabrics as well as componentry for Awnings, Blinds & Shade Sails to the fabricating trade.


With the CHANNEL-IT™ and CHANNEL X™ system we have appointed PASKAL AUSTRALIA as our agents for Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia, W. WIGGINS LTD in New Zealand and Blind Designs in South Africa.


As a member of ACASPA, Australian Canvas And Synthetic Products Association, we abide by their code of ethics and we

support the advancement of our industry. ICL are also member of BMAA, Blind Manufactuers Association of Australia

and BUSINESS SA the loca Chamber of Commerce.


Exhibiting at the annual STA (Specialised Textile Association) EXPO, the BMAA (Blind Makers Association Australia) Expo and the OFPANZ Conference are a priority for ICL as it allows us to concentrate on our customers, expanding our customer base and gaining knowledge and information on the practical applications of the product. Valuable feedback is also gained, leading to the development of new products or the rejuvenation of some of the established ones.


If you need information about shade fabrics, tarpaulins, canopies, blinds, awnings, swags etc then our professional team can help you. We can advise and work with you so that you not only get the most appropriate product for the job but we may also be able to highlight some of the pitfalls or shortcuts normally encountered. Fabric is available in full rolls or cut meterage to suit your particular project requirements.


It is the policy of the company not to compete with our customers by fabricating and selling into their markets. If you require a product to be made up we can refer you to a fabricator in your area.


Peter Monkhouse

Managing Director


Ph: +61 8 8352 9400


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